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‘I3PV – Integrated, Innovative, Intelligent’

18-19 November 2020 

By 2050, when the world must achieve carbon neutrality, ETIP PV’s forecast based on conversion efficiency improvements and Solar PV’s declining cost is that solar PV will supply 70% of the world’s electricity generation. We will use solar PV to move, heat, cool, drive eco-friendly industrial processes and produce fuels. Solar PV will be deployed everywhere, in systems large and small, designed for productivity and aesthetics as required.

“Integrated PV” (PV deeply embedded into components used in the building industry or car industry, for example) will play a key role in this scenario. This will be a profitable market for Europe, with high potential for growth, which will bring numerous business opportunities. It needs R&D attention and accelerated innovation.

This conference will highlight the latest advances in all major Integrated PV applications and how they will contribute to the energy transition as well as EU-based value creation. Join the online debate on 18&19 November 2020!

The future of the energy system is electric. The future is solar PV!













Program Highlights

18 November 2020: Day 1

Session I – Building and Infrastructure Integrated Photovoltaics

A live panel discussion where investors, architects, PV module manufacturers, and developers will share their needs. How can these be met simultaneously at the right price?

Session II – Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics

Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics helps to reduce GHG emissions, e.g. by creating range extension, reducing the electric charges, and supporting car lighting, air conditioning, and other accessories. Most recent developments from the car industry will be presented and discussed.

Session III – PV in local energy systems
Local vs. remote energy production: how it matters for the transition to zero-carbon territory

19 November 2020: Day 2

Session IV – Agrivoltaics

Agrivoltaics aims at simultaneously using agricultural land for food production and PV power generation. Enabling a large increase of land-use efficiency, APV opens the door for substantially expanding PV capacity while preserving fertile arable land for agriculture.

Session V – PV in water and infrastructure

The human population is often concentrated near water, in areas where there is large competition for land usage (agriculture, buildings, infra, nature). This is the main reason why in recent years the interest in floating solar solutions for electricity generation has increased enormously.

Closing Session: The opportunity represented by Integrated PV applications on local value creation.
Live panel discussion with high-level representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the ETIP PV.



“With the I3PV conference, the ETIP working group Integrated Photovoltaics is delighted to present the wealth of opportunities this field has to offer. If we manage to exploit these opportunities, we can create a large number of new jobs and at the same time contribute significantly to achieving our climate goals. Europe is leading the way in this area and we expect the conference to offer a very clear view on how industry, science, and politics can work together to bring it to full fruition.”

Rutger Schlatmann, ETIP PV Conference Chair 2020

“The annual ETIP-PV conference brings the current R&I in a variety of PV technologies and applications that will expand and accelerate PV deployment. I look forward to meeting on-line the selected speakers and to get insights into the latest R&I trends that will pay the way to restrengthen manufacturing in Europe.”

Marko Topič, ETIP PV Chairman

‘Packed with important and up-to-date information and insights, this ETIP PV Conference offers a great opportunity for inspiration in difficult times.’

Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke, TNO, ETIP PV Vice-Chairman


 “The 2020 ETIP PV e-Conference offers a formidable program, linked directly to the EU’s strategic milestones. With my distinguished colleagues from the whole European value chain, I look forward to discussing solar PV contributions to the world carbon neutrality targets, and the diversity of its applications.”

Roch Drozdowski-Strehl, IPVF CEO, ETIP PV Vice-Chairman

“The ETIP PV conference brings together important stakeholders from across the European solar value chain, in order to focus our efforts in boosting the deployment and innovation of solar, especially in the context of the European Green Deal. This year’s event will focus on the essential theme of innovation, and showcase Europe’s world-leading technological applications.”

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe

 “I really look forward to this year’s ETIP PV conference. It just takes a few hours and I expect to get a comprehensive overview of integrated PV status and challenges. That’s well invested time!”

Dr. Wolfgang Storm, Senior Marketing Manager, Wacker Chemie, AG

“A very focused multidisciplinary meeting covering key aspects of technology, markets and legislation in one go”.Dr. Franz Karg, Chief Technology Manager, AVANCIS


“The ETIP PV Conference is the best venue in Europe to be updated about the state of the art of the PV technology”

José Donoso, General Director, UNEF

”The I3PV Conference is a great opportunity to benefit from latest insights of high-profile PV experts in Europe on opportunities, challenges and the way forward. This year integration of PV is featured from various perspectives.”

Christian Breyer, Professor for Solar Economy, Lappeenranta University of Technology  (LUT)

“The annual PV voice of Europe is clear and loud in shedding light on the benefits of going solar and sustainable: Integrated, innovative and intelligent. With the system evolution we are entering the wealth of being integrated and PV is highly suitable for seamlessly integrating and delivering. Innovative intelligent systems at the level of the emerging energy communities and the targeted smart cities can exploit this benefit and free Europe from emissions and fuel imports. We are looking forward to sharing our thoughts with you for building together this bright future.”

Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou, Chairman of FOSS Research Centre, University of Cyprus

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825669